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Need to learn more about life and health insurance strategies? Want to get up to speed on protecting your work of a lifetime? We've provided some links to recommended books and materials to get you started.

Midwest Senior Solutions - Obama Health Care Law, ACA, Long Term Care, Medicare, Fixed AnnuitiesMidwest Senior Solutions - Obama Health Care Law, ACA, Long Term Care, Medicare, Fixed Annuities

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Follow the latest status updates on 2013 State Exchanges:
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MNSure - The Minnesota State Health Information Exchange
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Decoding the Obama Health Law: What You Need to Know by Betsy McCaughey (Kindle Version)
Learn the ins and outs of what's really inside the ObamaCare bill by Constitutional Scholar, Patient Advocate and Former Lieutenant Governor of New York State, Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D.
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Don't Die Broke: How Annuities Can Guarantee Your Income and Keep Your Retirement from Going Belly-Up By David J. Reindel
The title says it all! Massive numbers of 50-plus baby boomers will be retiring in the next few years. How will they finance that retirement? This practical guide presents an often overlooked but commonsense solution.
Reindel argues persuasively for the preservation of assets, rather than a risk-prone obsession with the accumulation of them.
Crucial to this process, he explains, is the humble annuity. Why have these time-honored investment tools generated so much negative attention in recent years? Don’t Die Broke details the financial industry’s misrepresentations of the annuity, and how — set up and managed correctly — it can offer the most reliable income source for boomers in this era of economic uncertainty.
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Long-Term Care: How to Plan and Pay For It, By Joseph Mathews
This book covers everthing of importance in clear, concise text. One problem in a situation like this is that the "experts", like the case managers and social workers at hospitals and nursing homes, seldom have the time or incentive to tell you the whole story. It's up to you to figure out what your options are, and what protections you have. This book covers all of the bases in clear, understandable language.
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Getting the Most out of Medicare, published by the Aid Association of Lutherans
Tested and designed by consumers, this guide provides a clear description of Medicare, hospital, medical, and supplemental insurance coverage.
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Equity-Indexed Annuities, by Jay Adkisson
In his latest book, Equity-Indexed Annuities: The Smart Consumer’s Guide, Jay gives a balanced and objective overview of this advanced form of fixed annuity to better educate consumers of the advantages, disadvantages, and the numerous product options that are available when considering the purchase of this popular retirement vehicle.
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Links to some of our most popular carriers:

AVIVA - http://www.avivausa.com/portal/site/avivausa/content/home/

Fidelity Life & Guaranty - https://home.fglife.com/

Equitrust - http://equitrust.com/

Foresters - http://www.foresters.com/us-en/Pages/default.aspx

Presidential Life Insurance Company - http://www.presidentiallife.com/ROOT-Home/content.aspx

Monumental Life - https://www.monlife.com/

Great American Financial Resources (GAFRI) - http://www.gafri.com/publicsite/global/index.aspx

Medico - http://www.gomedico.com/

United of Omaha - http://www.mutualofomaha.com/

John Hancock - http://www.johnhancock.com/